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LMPD chief launches internal investigation after video of violent confrontation surfaces

After reviewing body camera footage, LMPD Police Chief Steve Conrad has launched an investigation led by LMPD's Professional Standards Unit.


RE: LMPD chief launches internal investigation after video of...

December 20th, 2018 @ 1:49PM (5 years ago)

Those activists are all getting money from special interest groups funded by the donations of white leftists. All the full-time activists get their salries from leftist 501C3 and 501c4 political groups and companies they've scared into donating to them to avoid being added to their protest list. Remember how Justice Resource Center went around demanding $100,000 handouts from companies like UPS? It's no different today. Behind every Uncle Al racebaiting pimp activist are snooty rich white people who got radicalized by their college professors and watching TV.

Some of them may think they're doing some good, but take a look at the history of the west end and how it's gotten WORSE the last 20 years by cowing police into inactivity. West end kids are getting killed every week. The so-called activists barely ever mention that. I'd expect nothing more of a 2-face race hustler singing to white leftists for supper on the evening news.