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LMPD chief launches internal investigation after video of violent confrontation surfaces

After reviewing body camera footage, LMPD Police Chief Steve Conrad has launched an investigation led by LMPD's Professional Standards Unit.


RE: LMPD chief launches internal investigation after video of...

December 12th, 2018 @ 10:45PM (6 years ago)

The ones who'd know, the younger ones, are a no-snitch culture. The best you could expect most of them to end up is a successfully rehabilitated inmate who gets a job doing whatever they learn in prison. The rest, not so luck.

There's something really wrong with a lot of youth today. They're sociopathic heathens who treat life like a video game. Some of the parents are obviously to blame, but a lot of others never had control over the kid. Courts put people in jail for taking an electric cord to their hide, which is exactly what some 15 year old caught with a gun or hanging out with gang members needs.