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LMPD chief launches internal investigation after video of violent confrontation surfaces

After reviewing body camera footage, LMPD Police Chief Steve Conrad has launched an investigation led by LMPD's Professional Standards Unit.


RE: LMPD chief launches internal investigation after video of...

December 11th, 2018 @ 9:14PM (5 years ago)

It took several bad liberal ideas to create the mess.

Old days: proactive police worked high crime areas and kept the criminals afraid they'd be frisked at any moment. Criminals spent most of their crime in the high crime areas.

Today: demoralized police do as little as possible. Kool-aid drinking community cops proactively hand out ice cream and cookies. Career criminals go nowhere without a gun since nobody's afraid of getting caught and instead of fist fights, they shoot at each other. Many of the career criminals live or spend most of their time far outside the traditional high crime areas.

Add on top of that: detectives do the bare minimum to keep their spots and are mostly worried about racking up overtime. They aren't afraid of getting sent back to patrol anymore because most are on the friends-and-family plan. Used to be that being somebody's best buddy in the world would not stop them from booting you out for being a slug. No more.