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LMPD chief launches internal investigation after video of violent confrontation surfaces

After reviewing body camera footage, LMPD Police Chief Steve Conrad has launched an investigation led by LMPD's Professional Standards Unit.


RE: LMPD chief launches internal investigation after video of...

December 11th, 2018 @ 10:56AM (6 years ago)

Never ceases to amaze me how many Obama phones with cameras are out there taping the police in hopes of hitting the jackpot for a big payday, but when it comes to the same ignorant black population video taping perpetrators when their own brothers/sisters and children are being shot and killed - crickets. Nobody seen or heard "nuttin." I guess you have to have priorities. Stop going on the bleeding heart liberal news and saying "the killing has to stop!" You all don't mean it when you continuously side with the thug simply because of his skin color and because you hate the police. Just one request - keep the s**t in your own neighborhoods. I really don't give a crap what you all do to yourselves... just keep it to yourselves.