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Metro Council president accused of colluding in lawsuit against the city

The lawsuit involves Lt. Jimmy Harper, who claims he was demoted in retaliation for raising concerns about LMPD management.


RE: Metro Council president accused of colluding in lawsuit against...

August 9th, 2018 @ 11:53PM (6 years ago)

Okay so let's just put it all out there. You know an officer, and as it turns out "officers" are having sex with children and you allow it to continue. Then you give the pedophile another 6 months on the job cause you feel bad for his medical condition and want him to keep his free insurance thus allowing him to stalk children. Then later you testified you mentioned it to your boss in passing. Boss goes on record saying she doesn't remember and tells a council member "it will blow over". A major starts asking questions and you demonize him in public and attempt to humiliate him and his career. You get caught in lie after lie and call it "half truths ". You've ruined people's careers for Facebook posts, and go after anyone that's "not on the team".

How the hell is this man still in charge you ask? Because we have a corrupted mayor and deputy mayor that have not only allowed this behavior but encourage it. It will continue until he is voted out of office and I would dare anyone wearing a badge to remember why you put it on in the first place. You are supposed to protect those that can't protect themselves. It's too late for those kids but we can make damn sure those responsible will be held accountable.

RE: Metro Council president accused of colluding in lawsuit against...

August 10th, 2018 @ 12:33AM (6 years ago)

One thing for sure and every officer knows it. Harper has stood up against all that is wrong with this entire administration. The lies exposed by by Fischer and Conrad are plain as day. He questioned and challenged them and has suffered the consequences. He was not afraid and has proved it without question and has exposed them for what everyone knew they were and the trial is not even over.