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Metro Council president accused of colluding in lawsuit against the city

The lawsuit involves Lt. Jimmy Harper, who claims he was demoted in retaliation for raising concerns about LMPD management.


RE: Metro Council president accused of colluding in lawsuit against...

August 5th, 2018 @ 7:28PM (6 years ago)

Several years later, heard just over a year folks. Heard new chief justifiably suspended him after the old internal affairs unit finished their investigation. The guy just had some friends that helped cover this up. Sound familiar cover up?

"Nearly 21 years ago, when I was a captain in command of a district in the former city police department, I made a mistake by not giving all the information I had during an initial interview as part of a criminal investigation involving one of my subordinates. I did then what I have always asked of the officers I command - I recognized my mistake and quickly acted to address it. Within less than 18 hours, I asked to be interviewed again so that my initial answers would not be misleading. I spoke with my superiors, including the police chief at the time. After a review by my supervisors, no discipline was given and it was determined I had acted in good faith.

Several years and two police chiefs later, the criminal investigation into my subordinate was completed. The only outcome of that investigation was the chief at that time ordered an internal policy investigation. That eventually resulted in a suspension because of the misleading answers I gave initially, years before. I appealed that decision because the previous chief at the time of the incident had already determined there was no violation of policy. Through the arbitration process, the suspension was overturned and ordered removed from my record.

At that point I considered the matter resolved and moved on with my career. I never acted with ill intent. I never attempted to cover this up. I simply went on to do the best job possible in whatever role I was in.

As it relates to the accusations of perjury made in court Friday, as the County Attorney memorandum filed in court indicates, those accusations are completely unfounded. "

RE: Metro Council president accused of colluding in lawsuit against...

August 5th, 2018 @ 10:09PM (6 years ago)

It's all a bit too rich for the county attorney's grandstanding to be believable. The Democrat primary for Mayor is over and he's a Democrat too. These complaints from the metro council about dishonesty, sidestepping and misleading information from the administration go back a long time are are bipartisan in nature. They've gotten into fights in court with 2 council presidents in a row. The administration's credibility problems are a lot bigger than party politics.

If this were anywhere else but Possibility City, Fischer would have already been removed from office. It's very difficult to remove a Mayor in Louisville because of how they wrote the merger law. Fischer had every advantage to keep his job, but with the help of an incompetent county attorney and an unethical administration, he's on the road to either losing or being removed.