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Metro Council president accused of colluding in lawsuit against the city

The lawsuit involves Lt. Jimmy Harper, who claims he was demoted in retaliation for raising concerns about LMPD management.


RE: Metro Council president accused of colluding in lawsuit against...

August 15th, 2018 @ 1:42AM (6 years ago)

Metro's last 2 Mayors both proved without a doubt that system doesn't work well. Instead of relying on better qualified people at the merit board, they go instead to woke academics and activists who don't have the slightest clue who a truly qualified candidate is. They don't even care. They want to make a political decision masqueraded by a lot of platitudes and half-truths from whatever book their fellow woke academics and activists are selling on Amazon this month. Same people who created or bought into the 21st Century Obama policing dumpster fire that helped turned America's inner cities from high crime into flat out warzones. The people living in the warzones have a different view of who should be chief than all Fischer's upper middle class woke white friends who never go there. They should tell that crowd thanks but no thanks next time. White and Conrad did enough damage already.

The community needs a voice in the process, but that voice should be a confirmation hearing at the metro council for whoever the Mayor picks and the ability to kick them out of office for cause if they screw up too bad.