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LMPD officers shoot and kill man in Southside neighborhood

The shooting took place Thursday just after noon in the area of Colonial Oaks Court.


RE: LMPD officers shoot and kill man in Southside neighborhood

August 1st, 2018 @ 4:23PM (6 years ago)

9-11.260 - Rule 6(e)(3)(E)(iv) Disclosure of Grand Jury Material to State and Local Law Enforcement Officials

In 1985, the Supreme Court adopted an amendment to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure that added a new subdivision, 6(e)(3)(E)(iv). This change was for the stated purpose of eliminating "an unreasonable barrier to the effective enforcement of our two-tiered system of criminal laws (by allowing) a court to permit disclosure to a State or local official for the purpose of enforcing State law when an attorney for the government so requests and makes the requisite showing." (See the notes of the Advisory Committee on Criminal Rules of the Judicial Conference of the United States.) The subdivision now reads as follows:

(E) The court may authorize disclosure--at a time, in a manner, and subject to any other conditions that it directs--of a grand jury matter...

(iv) at the request of the government if it shows that the matter may disclose a violation of State, Indian tribal, or foreign criminal law

It is clear that the decision to release or withhold grand jury information may have a significant impact upon relations between Federal prosecutors and their state and local counterparts, and disclosure may raise issues that go to the heart of the Federal grand jury process.