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LMPD officers shoot and kill man in Southside neighborhood

The shooting took place Thursday just after noon in the area of Colonial Oaks Court.


RE: LMPD officers shoot and kill man in Southside neighborhood

July 16th, 2018 @ 10:13AM (6 years ago)

He plays the same games as Abramson did, except he's put his hands into internal police decisions far more than Abramson. Jerry couldn't get away with as much. Civil service Captains RAN districts and units and didn't wet themselves like the temp-hire Majors when they got a phone call from downtown. That's why most are running around doing public relations stunts with the Chief instead of making sure crime is reduced. You recently saw what happens when 1 division in the west end is encouraged to go make stops. Crime goes down.

The judges and county attorney have always been pretty weak. The big change in the courts of the last 20 years came in the Commonwealth Attorney's office. They are afraid to take a hard case to trial. They'd rather plea bargain everything down to nothing. None of them today hold a candle to Ernie Jasmine. They allow Fischer to lead them like the pied piper with his do-nothing community circlekjerk myopia.