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LMPD officers shoot and kill man in Southside neighborhood

The shooting took place Thursday just after noon in the area of Colonial Oaks Court.


RE: LMPD officers shoot and kill man in Southside neighborhood

July 9th, 2018 @ 9:03AM (6 years ago)

They thought they could once more push politically risky aspects of LMPD's job off onto the feds. The DHS building police have no jurisdiction to tell these members of Fischer's leftist political base to move since they're not on federal property.

They're surprised because it's worked several times before.

- Pretend the black street gangs shooting up the city don't exist to avoid violent confrontations. Never bothered to create a street crimes or gang unit. ATF takes lead on gang enforcement.

- Had Narcotics working low level drug cases that flex used to do so they'd avoid violent confrontations with mid-level dealer types. Disbanded Flex and caused needless turf headbutting with 9th Metro. DEA takes lead on mid-level narcotics enforcement.

- Didn't want to offend U of L fans, so pushed the embezzlement and prostitution cases off on the feds and the tiny U of L patrol unit.

If it's potentially unpopular, they want nothing to do with it. Politicians don't know how to police, yet here they control everything LMPD does.