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City audit finds host of problems causing Metro Corrections inmates to be improperly released


RE: City audit finds host of problems causing Metro Corrections...

February 3rd, 2018 @ 12:33AM (5 years ago)

I am holding out hope that the administration's chronic lies, homicides, numerous scandals and inability to tie their own shoes will keep a lot of their former supporters at home and even turn some to vote Republican. They said Trump winning was impossible too, right up until the day he won. Leet fits the mold of women who've won county-wide office in the past. I think this is the year a lot of people wake up to realize electing someone on the basis of worthless handouts like free internet and ice cream doesn't necessarily keep their kids from killing or being killed by criminals on the streets.


February 3rd, 2018 @ 11:18AM (5 years ago)

The only segment of this city you have to worry about not liking Harpers style is the west end. Overall the west end loves Harper, at least the people who matter. I'm not saying he'll be chief but there's a reason he's sticking around and hasn't retired yet.