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City audit finds host of problems causing Metro Corrections inmates to be improperly released


RE: City audit finds host of problems causing Metro Corrections...

February 1st, 2018 @ 10:12PM (4 years ago)

We hear that kind of bitter vengeful hate from those who were never real cops. The kind who somehow made it through the academy, did as little as possible in patrol beginning as soon as PTO or FTO was over, maybe sucked their way into a do-nothing spot using their mad buttboy skills, spent their idle days studying for promotion, and sucked away as many tax dollars for as little as they could get away with.

They rely on the good graces of the non-policing types running LMPD and resent those who'd turn over the apple cart by exposing all the inept mismanagement. They don't live anywhere near the murders. At least they didn't until they started happening a lot more often east of I-264 like recently.