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City audit finds host of problems causing Metro Corrections inmates to be improperly released


RE: City audit finds host of problems causing Metro Corrections...

January 30th, 2018 @ 8:47PM (4 years ago)

It will eventually turn around, courtesy of the election process and what's about to break in the news this year about LMPD. Fischer will lose by 5% to 10% in November due to a lack of support among women, minorities and working class whites in newly crime-infested areas of town. The way they've handled the homicides, drug O.D.'s, Explorer scandal, rape kits, and the accused rapist has set his campaign up for failure.

Leet would likely tell potential candidates to apply for interim chief and then initiate a national search for a permanent chief. You can bet most of the Conradian disciples will apply but they won't get it. It will be Harper or a total outsider nobody knows. Maybe Hibbs can get it if he and his people start wearing tac vests that say "GANG TASK FORCE" and making daily arrests with Live PD following. It would help if all of the males shaved their heads and grew goatees to communicate they are primed and ready for tactical bad@ssery.