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City audit finds host of problems causing Metro Corrections inmates to be improperly released


RE: City audit finds host of problems causing Metro Corrections...

January 30th, 2018 @ 11:03PM (4 years ago)

It's safe to say that the top priorities are no longer diversity fairs, justified police shootings, NCAA rules enforcement and 9 to 5 office crime. When you soar to the top of the violence charts like a hit song in the Kasey Kasem era, important people notice.

"President Trump knows how to give clear orders. One of the orders he gave me on the first day I became United States Attorney general was pretty simple: reduce crime. Some of these people have to go off for real time. We cannot go back to a revolving door of justice," said Sessions receiving an applause from law enforcement in the crowd. "You know that in Louisville too well. The murder rate doubled," said Sessions.