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LMPD cuts training time for new officers by 8 weeks


RE: LMPD cuts training time for new officers by 8 weeks

January 11th, 2018 @ 1:34PM (3 years ago)

58 people won't fix anything. A greater number than that will be gone before they can finish training. The recruiting, hiring and training pipeline takes too long to keep up with attrition.

They will have to take more drastic steps than this. Anyone who's worked in other departments knows there's nothing special about LMPD training. It's lackluster at best. The only realistic chance they have of catching up is doing a bunch of 3-day testing events for out-of-towners so they only have to make 1 trip to get hired, raise new officer pay by $5000 to $10000 once out of the academy, and reduce lateral training to a week of LMPD unique in-service training with no academy. Beggers can't be choosers. The people who still think LMPD is better trained than other departments because it's bigger are kidding themselves. Most "experienced officers" here don't even really know how to do proactive patrol. They are big city versions of small city suburb cops with their DUI stops and accident reports.