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LMPD cuts training time for new officers by 8 weeks


RE: LMPD cuts training time for new officers by 8 weeks

January 10th, 2018 @ 10:18PM (3 years ago)

Your fallacious red herring argument has failed miserably. I've filleted it and am serving it up as herring sushi.

The hiring decision was caused by command being preoccupied with satisfying quotas and taking care of their old friends instead of just hiring the best. He, along with many others who should never have been there, made his way into LPD when he never should have. If they aimed for hiring the best qualified every time, and been willing to do proper psychological screening, then it's unlikely he'd have been hired. Only giving simple paper and pencil tests to those who'll one day carry a gun and have the power of arrest is an act of negligence.

I realize you don't think any of that is necessary. A mediocre mindset is hard to escape here and the lawyers blessed what they do to make it legal. Lawyers scare departments into hiring unqualified people with discrimination lawsuits, then their friends make money on the back-end when those officers get sued. Everybody gets a yacht.