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LMPD cuts training time for new officers by 8 weeks


RE: LMPD cuts training time for new officers by 8 weeks

January 10th, 2018 @ 7:18PM (3 years ago)

The overtime money has kept some people from retiring but eventually the flood gates will open even more widely than today. There is no easy fix like simply b1tching to the chief as the council does routinely.

The low morale, low pay relative to other departments, low appeal of policing to young people, a very low unemployment rate, the total absence of a retirement pension for new hires and dozens of scandals advertised in the news have made it impossible to fully staff LMPD. It's only going to get worse. People should be panicking. The ones that aren't are the ones who don't know what's really happening and the others who've already got their out-of-town retirement residence picked out. This city is going to be picked clean by the criminals and the handful of green cops led by green command will show up after to take the reports, at most. Bickering about reduction in mostly unnecessary weeks of training shows they have a poor understanding of the problems.