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Richard Dotson, former Louisville police chief, dies


RE: Richard Dotson, former Louisville police chief, dies

January 5th, 2018 @ 7:59PM (6 years ago)

"Dotson alleges that Abramson's campaign to rid himself of Dotson came to a head when Abramson and Kuster discovered that Dotson was privy to confidential information concerning federal grand jury investigations into vice and drug activities in Louisville. Dotson alleges that he purposefully kept the two in the dark concerning these investigations, the obvious inference being that Abramson and Kuster were corrupt. In any event, Dotson alleges that his refusal to cooperate with Abramson and Kuster in such efforts, more than any other factor, led to his downfall. In November, 1989, Dotson met with Abramson, Kuster, and others regarding an order, issued by Kuster, requiring Dotson to place one of Abramson's hand-picked people on a list of persons who were to be given access to information about the grand jury investigations. (This list was to be forwarded to the United States Attorney by Dotson.) Dotson alleges that he refused the order."