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Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment


RE: Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment...

December 31st, 2017 @ 9:19AM (5 years ago)

They are putting the new DEA division HQ for the HIDTA in Louisville because this is a major trafficking hub now. The traffickers consider this a low threat permissive environment and the international air hub is here.

The increase in homicides is directly related to that and the fragmentation of the gangsta fighting over drug dealing turf. It's like little Mexico. The East end is little Mexico City. They were both safe havens until last year.

Louisville thinks it's problems are unique and unrelated to the bigger picture and that it can all be solved with compassion. Not true. Being poor and unfortunate doesn't mean they can be reformed into good people. A lot of then just need to be locked up forever.