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Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment


RE: Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment...

December 29th, 2017 @ 12:51PM (4 years ago)

In the last few years they've cut over 100 from patrol with promotions, cut all flex outside the urban services dustrict, didn't replace most of those quitting the department, lied repeatedly about imaginary LMINTEL like it's a real gang task force and reduced outlying divisions to a report taker service.

A real gang task force in a city of this size has 60 to 80 full time experienced sworn investigators detailed from multiple agencies, not a glorified flex unit with funny looking uniforms and a couple feds separately working gun cases or drugs to say it's joint. The FBI here doesn't even have anyone running a real Safe Streets task force like with real counter gang enforcement.