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Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment


RE: Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment...

December 21st, 2017 @ 11:07AM (4 years ago)

It's always revealing how people like that get taken care of by those at the top who pretend they're protecting the community from rogue officers. People like Handy, Jones, and Flaherty have both did much better than they deserve well under both Aubrey and Conrad. That 5-year sham of a PIU investigation into Handy mainly served to keep anyone else from opening a case on them.

It all originates in there being too many former LPD people still hanging on to plague this city with the corrupt practices of that department. They do their best to talk just like Greg Fischer, but the Mayor and public alike are the victims of a hoax. They aren't the progressive defenders of the common person that you think they are. Just look at the long list of criminals on the department who they've promoted or let off easy.