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Louisville reaches 100 homicides after man found shot in vacant home in Shelby Park


RE: Louisville reaches 100 homicides after man found shot in...

December 14th, 2017 @ 8:38PM (4 years ago)

You're the keyboard warrior sitting out there in the country. If you ever want to learn what it's like to be a real cop, try a ride-along with someone who's made a felony arrest in the last 10 years unlike yourself. I sometimes feel sorry for the police in the rich white neighborhoods who have to put up with arrogant puffy-chest entitled middle class know-it-alls like you.

The poor dumb thugs around here didn't make a conscious decision to be ignorant. Life handed it to them, but people like you deserve all the blame for your ignorance since it's 100% willful.

I'd like to think you're a 1-of-a-kind jackass, but we all know how few of the people running LMPD choose to live in the neighborhoods they've helped f--k up through their incompetence and inaction.