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Louisville reaches 100 homicides after man found shot in vacant home in Shelby Park


RE: Louisville reaches 100 homicides after man found shot in...

December 8th, 2017 @ 9:57AM (4 years ago)

We see the same pattern repeated over and over. People who get promoted up by a corrupt Democrat administration are partisan political hacks or become one after their elevation. They defend the last administration and stymie attempts to improve anything because they drank the political koolaid. As seen in Louisville with FBI'S outright refusal to deprioritize the white collar and police officer cases of the previous 8 years to get back into investigating and charging violent gangs. ATF, ICE and many other FBI offices have already begun doing so and I assume Louisville will too once some changes are made.

If you can't put your politics aside to protect the public, then find a new career. There are bigger fish to fry than basketball coaches and retired generals. Walk the streets around any recent shooting to discover them if you can't do it from your office computer.