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Louisville reaches 100 homicides after man found shot in vacant home in Shelby Park


RE: Louisville reaches 100 homicides after man found shot in...

December 13th, 2017 @ 11:20PM (7 years ago)

You obviously don't know anything and are just another administration puppet-mouth. Investigations have been routinely ended after a resignation like the 2013 investigation for Betts. The other posts mention Corder, who was never charged until long after he began inflicting injuries on people to appease his little man syndrome on anyone who cussed him out. Pablo Cano is still uncharged. The officer put on light duty for the Explorer case in May is uncharged. Shadle wasn't charged. Hunt wasn't charged. The list goes on.

Who do you think you're kidding? The good ship Credibility has already sailed off into the sunset and will not return until there's a new chief with a new command staff. A few brand new ones may get to stay in the backoffice spots if they stayed clear of all the dirt.