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Louisville reaches 100 homicides after man found shot in vacant home in Shelby Park


RE: Louisville reaches 100 homicides after man found shot in...

December 2nd, 2017 @ 9:25AM (4 years ago)
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For the last 8 years Mayor Yogapants has been busy with more important things like hike, bike, walk, cycle, skateboard, yoga and tai chi with the Mayor events, Cyclouvia, bike lanes, compassionate city speeches and downplaying the violence. He's an empty suit.

Meanwhile, Louisville's thugs are trying to pass up Cincinnati to get into the top 5 most violent cities list. It's funny how the US Attorney gathered up every federal agent he could find to stand behind Conrad for their 5 gun charge arrests. The tiny Harrison county and Scott County Indiana Sheriffs offices each did busts arresting over a dozen people for narcotics this week. They have the same numbers of deputies as LMPD has in Community relations alone.

It all goes to show that size doesn't matter, except in bed.