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Louisville immigration law jeopardizes funding


RE: Louisville immigration law jeopardizes funding

November 18th, 2017 @ 4:44PM (5 years ago)

The Fischer and Conrad administrations don't care. None of them live anywhere near the west end. They're all in the more expensive parts of town. Their ambivalence is justified when you consider that large numbers of people in the west end hate police enough to tolerate living on murder-filled streets. The only ones who disagree are usually victims family members who get ignored by the people running Metro.

The person elected to be Mayor of Metro Louisville is not the person who should be making law enforcement decisions. We can only get lawyers who never practiced law and airhead wealthy heirs who thought running daddy's business was too much work.

The Sheriff should be in charge of all law enforcement in this county and should appoint Chief Deputies to run LMPD and JCSO day-to-day. That would push the voters to elect someone based on their law enforcement record, not the usual snake oil salesman politician we get as Mayors. When Louisville gets to 200 murders per year or they start happening in the east end more often, then maybe the council will wake up and realize what needs to be done.