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Prosecutor tells judge LMPD did not push assault case against Metro Council President David Yates


RE: Prosecutor tells judge LMPD did not push assault case against...

November 19th, 2017 @ 6:52AM (4 years ago)

If Fischer had an ounce of morality is honesty in him, he would have fired the Chief, the former SID commander, the former PIU Lt, and former PSU Lt and the Sgts who falsified the investigations for cause a long time ago. Instead he let Conrad put Flaherty into s Major's position. That promotion alone speaks volumes about the nature of what happened. The Mayor claimed under oath he was never told anything. That is laughable. It's also laughable how Andy Beshear will sue Bevin for farting and never open a case on Conrad for official misconduct.

Kentucky's justice system is equally incapable of stopping drug murders and corruption alike. It is a complete farce. Thos responsible for allowing children to be molested like this out of pure vanity and selfish career interest will likely rot in hell. They should admit guilt for the cover up now and go see the prison preacher later.