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Prosecutor tells judge LMPD did not push assault case against Metro Council President David Yates


RE: Prosecutor tells judge LMPD did not push assault case against...

November 17th, 2017 @ 9:25PM (4 years ago)

Yates and the council say they can't even remove Conrad from office. They are powerless except to distribute money 1 time each year. How can anyone that powerless have a conflict of interest? The person who'd ordinarily be worried about that is the person he works for, since he could throw the case, but they're not.

O'Connell's strategy seems to be go after the lawyers, when he should have already settled the case. Taking it to trial is going to bankrupt the city or at least force them to raise taxes. They're already broke thanks to all the moldy crumbling city buildings they have to replace because they never paid for maintenance and because of the huge amounts of spending they've been doing on sports stadiums and arenas.

RE: Prosecutor tells judge LMPD did not push assault case against...

November 18th, 2017 @ 1:45PM (4 years ago)

The guy is absolutely right for calling them out. Shameful how sad this Chief, the County Attorney and Mayor have become. These are children that were victimized and deserve closure. Have to have respect for the river/traffic Lieutenant that is challenging them on all accounts win or lose.

November 17,2017

Councilman Ackerson's Office Responds To Jefferson County Attorney's Motions To Prevent Chief Conrad From Testifying About His Knowledge Of Sex Abuse In The Department's Explorer Mentoring Program.

Louisville -Councilman Brent Ackerson (D-26) has issued the following statement in response to the Jefferson County Attorney's Motion, scheduled for 11/20/17, to prevent Chief Conrad from testifying about his knowledge of sexual abuse in the LMPD's Youth Explorer Program:

The Jefferson County Attorney's office has filed a motion to be heard on Monday 11/20/17 asking a Judge to prevent Chief Conrad from being questioned in a deposition about matters related to allegations of sexual abuse within the LMPD Youth Explorer Program. The Motion seeks to limit the Chief from answering questions about the LMPD's knowledge of matters related to sexual abuse allegations within the LMPD or withhold the Chief's deposition until such time as the criminal investigations are concluded.

Ackerson believes that information about allegations of sexual abuse of children and what the LMPD and/or Metro Officials knew is something that the citizens of Metro Louisville have a right to know about, regardless of how that information comes out. Jimmy Harper's case legally has a right to look to into matters that touch upon the claims made in that lawsuit, even if collaterally related. If such matters are a hindrance to the criminal prosecution of those involved, then why isn't the Commonwealth's Attorney making the motion for a protective order?

Ackerson states: "It's time to end the suppressing of the truth and trying to further cover-up what really has happened. If children were sexually abused, and people within the LMPD or this government knew about such or tried to cover-up what occurred, then it's time the truth came out. The public has a right to know what happened and who knew what, at the hands of their government. We're talking about the sexual abuse of kids by people in authority. This shouldn't be about limiting legal exposure, but rather should be about flushing out the truth about what happened. In the end, when it comes to sexual abuse of kids or covering such matters up, we need the truth to come out. Let justice be done though the heavens may fall. Shame on those who have suppressed the truth and those, including the County Attorney, who wish to continue to do so."