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Prosecutor tells judge LMPD did not push assault case against Metro Council President David Yates


RE: Prosecutor tells judge LMPD did not push assault case against...

November 15th, 2017 @ 7:34AM (4 years ago)

Deliverymen can blast their way out of that problem. It would save on court and prison costs too. We don't need police to make arrests so long as criminals get killed by victims. This is just how the citizens just want things to be I suppose, since they keep electing liberal judges and Greg Fischer.

"Police: Pizza Delivery Driver with Concealed Permit Foils Ambush Robbery, Shoots Suspect

According to CBS Philly, police said the 52-year-old driver had a concealed carry permit and drew his handgun after the two men allegedly "grabbed...[him] from behind" and took money from him. He struck one of the suspects in the ankle, causing both suspects to flee. Officers were able to "track the suspects to a nearby home" and arrest them.

Police indicate that "there have been a pattern of robberies" in the area in which pizza delivery drivers were targeted. They are investigating whether the two suspects in Saturday's robbery attempt have any ties to the other incidents."