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Man charged with murder of LMPD officer blames officer for fatal crash


RE: Man charged with murder of LMPD officer blames officer for...

July 21st, 2017 @ 10:35PM (6 years ago)

You are absolutely correct. These guys aren't retiring because of their fear of pension reform. Everyone knows that is coming and even if they retired they can be subject to any change. These guys are leaving because they are sick of this Chief and the demoralization of this department since he has been here. The officers on this department are more than willing to work their butts off, but this guy has killed their desire and morale is in the toilet. No leaders getting promoted, especially ones with real police experience look at the latest Majors and new Colonel. Everyone saw what happened to a boss that tried to do their job in a division and had the b...s to tell the chief the truth - Gone.

Look at this from Minneapolis. Looks like a mayor that our mayor could take notes from, and that Mayor listened to her council too.

Minneapolis police Chief Janee Harteau resigned Friday at the request of the mayor, who said she lost confidence in the chief following last week's shooting death of an unarmed Australian woman by a police officer. Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said she asked for the chief's resignation.

"I've lost confidence in the Chief's ability to lead us further ... it is clear that she has lost the confidence of the people of Minneapolis as well," Hodges said. "For us to continue to transform policing -- and community trust in policing -- we need new leadership at MPD." Council member Linea Palmisano, called for a change in leadership Friday and told her fellow council members that she was "done with image control and crisis management" and that it's "time for action."