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Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell to resign


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Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell to resign

February 26th, 2017 @ 10:57AM (7 years ago)

Timesheet lady may have a problems convincing a jury if they call some of the people involved with her leaving LMPD to the stand. It would be a great opportunity to ask Conrad about that under oath.

The article didn't even mention how Corder got 27 months in federal prison for civil rights violations. Hiring that guy and a drug cartel henchman as Deputies is reason enough to force a resignation or two.

Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell to resign

February 28th, 2017 @ 6:43PM (7 years ago)

So this is funny... Didnt the Police Chief go to Major Crimes, Including homicide detectives and tell them they WILL BE working MORE details because they are keeping officers in patrol to ride beats.. More Mayor lies to the media.

Mayor reduces police role in special events

As Louisville grapples with a spike in violent crime and police discontent, Mayor Greg Fischer said Tuesday that he's reducing police officers' role in special events and traffic details.

New city guidelines ask organizers of special events to use more private security companies and volunteers for jobs that don't require a sworn police officer and to use pre-designated routes to cut the need for police officers to manage traffic.

Fischer had faced complaints that too many officers were being pulled for such details, and on Tuesday he said the move was meant to maintain the safety of events "while freeing up police officers to focus on other pressing needs."

Metro Council member David James, a former narcotics officer and frequent critic of the department's reorganization decisions, said he was pleased with Tuesday's move.

"I brought this issue forward last year when officers were pulled from their assignments to work a special event (when) three people were shot (and) one killed in the area those officers were supposed to be assigned to," he said. "I'm glad to see the administration is working to keep our officers in the neighborhoods and communities they should be patrolling with the amount of violence in our community."

Late last year, the River City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 614 President Dave Mutchler, who represents around 1,200 officers, slammed Police Chief Steve Conrad in a letter to Fischer. He said officer morale was at "an all-time low" and called for more officers on the street and an end to using officers to staff special events at the expense of their regular beats.

"Our members struggle to understand the absurdity of our homicide detectives being detailed to direct traffic at privately sponsored events when our homicide rate is at a record high and many homicides are still unsolved," Mutchler said in his letter.

In December, about 600 police union members delivered an overwhelming but symbolic no-confidence in Conrad's leadership. In the wake of the vote, Conrad vowed to address their concerns and regain their confidence without compromising "doing the right thing."

Earlier this year, the special events permitting process moved to Louisville Metro Emergency Services from Louisville Metro Codes and Regulations.

Emergency Services Deputy Director Kelly Jones, a retired police officers who has led police details for events such as the Kentucky Derby, Thunder over Louisville and commemorations after the death of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, will oversee the change and work with event organizers to reduce police involvement and street closures.

Each year, there are around 400 special events in Louisville but only about 120 included some kind of police presence, officials said, noting the change won't likely impact staffing at the Kentucky Derby because of public safety concerns created by the large crowds.

"Louisville Metro is committed to facilitating safe experiences for event participants," Jones said in a statement. "I'm pleased to return to public service

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Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell to resign

March 1st, 2017 @ 8:39PM (7 years ago)

I am beginning to believe that Louisville lacks sufficiently experienced law enforcement managers in both LMPD and the federal agencies here. You do not SHUT DOWN a unit like this because of a rogue cop. If you do shut it down, you do not ANNOUNCE IT TO THE F--KING MEXICAN CARTELS IN THE NEWSPAPER. You amateurs don't deserve the jobs you were given.


An elite Louisville task force that intercepted shipments of heroin and other illegal drugs at UPS' worldwide hub -- considered a "primary" drug pipeline for the region -- has been disbanded following a police scandal. Louisville Metro Police had led the multi-agency task force for more than a decade, until a probe by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last year uncovered a large theft by one of the task force's on-duty detectives. LMPD pulled the task force -- which included federal agents with Homeland Security Investigations -- out of the shipping giant's Worldport air hub in September and reassigned LMPD detectives to other narcotics operations, a Courier-Journal investigation has found.

Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell to resign

March 2nd, 2017 @ 1:15PM (7 years ago)

Why does LMPD not immediately release the name of an officer involved in a shooting? Quick!! Think of a spin to justify this withholding of information.

Interesting also, no bodycam video not playing in a continuous loop this time.

Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell to resign

March 8th, 2017 @ 1:44PM (7 years ago)

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