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Pipe bursts at LMPD near 'packaged evidence'


An honest question...

January 28th, 2017 @ 10:16AM (7 years ago)

"...they would support LMPD more with him at the helm..."

I've been retired now for a little over 5 years, so been out of the loop for a while; that being said, I have a question:

How is JCSO not currently "supporting" LMPD? For the most part, the mission of the two departments is pretty unique to each, so doesn't seem like it would be any kind of territorial dispute. Has some other sort of rift developed?

I know Kelly, and agree that he would be an excellent choice for Sheriff, but am I missing something with Aubrey's performance? Granted, the guy has been in there for YEARS now, and change can be a good thing. But Aubrey has done a lot of good also, IMHO. I was on LPD back in the years before Aubrey became Sheriff, and the difference in the training and performance of the Deputies (judging by the ones that we saw on the street) was vastly improved under Aubrey.

In those days, JCSO was a "good ole boy" club, and everybody knew it. Plus, there were those hideous green jackets all over the Hall of Justice...looked like a Past Masters convention!