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'National shame' follows fatal park shootings


RE: 'National shame' follows fatal park shootings

November 27th, 2016 @ 12:20PM (5 years ago)

The class of people he comes from, namely the rich Democrats of the 5th division, have always looked at the rest of the county as ignorant and easily deceived. He will keep using their playbook, which is hope everyone forgets about the problems. The sideshow special events and occasional freebies like free wifi will keep the "morons" distracted. This isn't just 1 guy, but a political machine run for the benefit of businessmen who know each other from their country clubs and golf outings. There aren't any murders happening in their part of town. So long as they get "what's theirs" they will back Fischer. It will take another big name on the Metro Council to unseat him and most likely a Democrat who can take the black vote away from Fischer.