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Judge orders LMPD officer to testify about controversial Facebook posts


RE: Judge orders LMPD officer to testify about controversial...

August 4th, 2016 @ 8:28PM (6 years ago)

They have no idea what they're doing. There are other cities who do, and who have had real reductions in crime, but a big part of it is having aggressive investigations of serious criminals. That includes lots of undercover work and high risk search warrants, which this department has been reluctant to do since the activists protested the shootings of 15 years ago. It also involves stop and frisk in high drug traffic areas and locking up known criminals for minor crimes to disrupt their ability to do major crimes. These are all things that activists hate and the administration is afraid of activist protests because the Mayor needs the west end vote to get re-elected.

Now that the murders are happening all over town, they won't be able to stick to the same plan, because the people in those parts of town aren't going to tolerate having murders every month like the west end always has. This Mayor will not be re-elected if the surge in murders continue outside the west end. Then it's bye-bye command staff. Mark my words.