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Judge orders LMPD officer to testify about controversial Facebook posts


RE: Judge orders LMPD officer to testify about controversial...

August 13th, 2016 @ 7:40PM (6 years ago)

Let me see you think a collage degree will make you a better supervisor....how is that? You live at home going to High School and (maybe you move away to go to collage) with no life experiences then get hired at LMPD, get promoted to SGt then Lt. How has collage helped you with leadership?

Now lets look at a real leader, High School joins the Military (any branch) get promoted services overseas knows how to deal with ALL types of people and all types of situations ..guess what no collage but does attend leadership schools and knows how to lead at least 4 up to 200+ .

I'm not saying collage is not a good ideal but not a must to lead. Semper Fi