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LMPD lowers requirements to become police officer


Look at the benefits.....lol

June 12th, 2016 @ 11:02AM (8 years ago)

Let's look at the benefits to be a police officer in Louisville. 1- low pay and crappy benefits 2- work every holiday (No matter how big or small)and any fly by night 5k that comes down the pike. 3 - disliked by most (not all but most) 4- not backed by the dept and heaven forbid if you do pro active police work. 5- every other dept can take there police vehicles out of county (to and from work) but LMPD. I CAN'T SEE WHY ANYONE WOULD WANT TO BE A POLICE IN LOUISVILLE (OR ANY WHERE IN THE COUNTRY )IN TODAY'S SOCIETY. But I'm glad you all do it and thank you and be safe. Praying for the officer that got shot last night speedy recovery.

Recruit Standards

June 13th, 2016 @ 8:10AM (8 years ago)

Hopefully, enough decent recruits will still apply. At any rate, the weak a$$ ones should be weeded out at the academy and not make it to the department. Enough squirrels get through as it is.