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Louisville Metro Police has seen a big drop in applicants, but why?


RE: Louisville Metro Police has seen a big drop in applicants...

November 13th, 2015 @ 12:08PM (8 years ago)

What's needed and what has been demonstrated to work is to interrupt the flow of drugs disrupting violent drug gang activities. All three of these areas have to be addressed and not in a superficial way. If the leaders and others assigned can't get results, then you replace them and find someone who can.

1. Street level trafficking, distribution and sale and quality of life issues. This might be where the former Viper unit and Flex people fit in. LMPD desperately needs a gang unit to help them because gangs sell dope at the street level.

2. Organized criminal activity, manufacture, importation, and mid-to-high level distribution networks, asset forfeiture, and seizure. This is where the "operation" should be spending its time. The department used to have a lot more to brag about than they do today. This area seems to need a major overhaul.

3. Demand reduction, education, and the rest of the social work and community work. This isn't just giving speeches on TV and political spin. It's fixing the broken court system too, so drug addicts aren't let out of jail or put on probation for lesser crimes until they go through a rehab program that actually works most of the time. Letting a drug dealer out of prison without a decent job prospect will lead to them going back into drug dealing every time.

If the department leaders don't know what to do, then hire someone who can tell you other than the guy on the internet.