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LMPD officer who won $450,000 settlement in whistleblower lawsuit again sues the department


RE: LMPD officer who won $450,000 settlement in whistleblower...

October 18th, 2015 @ 10:45AM (9 years ago)

Although sometimes the duck face selfie-shooting narcissists and internet bullies sometimes get what's coming to them.


Blackmail selfie? Be my guest: Bed photo of NHL star, 43, who told 18-year-old model 'who tried to extort him' that he couldn't care less becomes an instant meme

NHL legend Jaromir Jagr was in bed next to model Catherine from Moravia

Flashed peace sign and puckered up for the camera when she took selfie

Allegedly attempted to blackmail him for $2,000 or she would release pic

Jagr told her 'I don't care' and the photo made the rounds on social media

Fans began creating their own versions of selfie and sharing on Instagram

Panthers player is idol of Czech junior player Dominik Rudl - Catherine's boyfriend