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LMPD officer who won $450,000 settlement in whistleblower lawsuit again sues the department


RE: LMPD officer who won $450,000 settlement in whistleblower...

October 5th, 2015 @ 8:40PM (9 years ago)

There were several assumptions made to get that number, which is the amount you'd earn if you saved about $480,000 and invested it to earn 5% upon retirement. This assumed the person and the city together are contributing 15.5% and they're making over $80,000 in their 25th year, and was getting 7% returns on average.

Tier 3 isn't a full retirement plan for the typical officer before social security kicks in. The Tier 3 Officers who stay in policing that long will be motivated to find desk jobs or be less active to avoid injury, so they can keep their jobs until well past today's normal retirement age. The people who wrote that law are the same ones who turned the criminals and insane people loose onto the streets with their other "reform" bills. Saving a few dollars isn't always the best solution.