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LMPD officer who won $450,000 settlement in whistleblower lawsuit again sues the department


RE: LMPD officer who won $450,000 settlement in whistleblower...

October 18th, 2015 @ 11:32AM (9 years ago)

Almost all of the command staff have experience as an Lt in a division or major unit so that's not the problem. Conrad, like White before him, knows the Mayor's office isn't interested in proactive enforcement. When officers start getting aggressive with the felons, it leads to use of force and community activists making trouble for the Mayor. The department is only a necessary evil in their eyes and exists to respond to 911 calls and block off roads for special events. The only thing that could change that is Fischer getting enough complaints from those who think there isn't enough being done, so that they drown out the anti-police activism.