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Police chief defends pending patrol changes


RE: Police chief defends pending patrol changes

September 10th, 2015 @ 6:34PM (9 years ago)

Very good observation. A problem with the business interests is this. Most of the big money is going toward businesses that are high dollar and receiving tax deferments and subsidies from the city (mayor and his cronies). Those business are not investing in the suburbs in the South end. The big money investments are downtown and East end. I wish I could agree with you that people are getting fed up but I don't think so. Big business and liberal interests are in his corner because he panders to those special interest groups. He is spending significant amounts of tax money for liberal interests of a minority. Take bike paths for example, the population of Louisville is approximately 750,000. How many people actually utilize those bike paths? I think you can guess that an overwhelming number do not. Trails around the city that the vast majority of people do not utilize. Tax on gas meters to fund more police officers and public safety R I G H T. This is the same city that can't even cut the grass in the parks and road medians because of a lack of funds. Check out the roads in this city a complete joke, no funds. No my friend he is in like flint. Want to discuss our great public school system here in Louisville? Wow don't even try that one 1.1 billion dollar budget and still one of the lowest performing school systems in the country. Possibility City!! Rant Off.