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Man killed by police in Old Louisville


RE: Man killed by police in Old Louisville

June 16th, 2015 @ 11:29AM (9 years ago)

Wrong. The off duty restrictions are not bad. What are “all the problems that go with 12”? You will use no more vacation than you do right now-its simple math. We will all still be working 80 hours a pay period and if we want to not work some of those hours then we use vacation time. No more on 12’s than on 8’s. You are wrong about the off days. More than likely we would use less vacation on 12’s. LOTS more off days. Off 7 days out of every 14 days. 8- hour shifts equals 104 off days a year. 12-hour shifts equals 182 off days a year. That’s 78 more off days a year. That’s more than 11 extra weeks (full 7 day weeks) off a year. Fatigue? Are you kidding me? Well rested on 12’s!