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LMPD honors officers at awards celebration


RE: LMPD honors officers at awards celebration

May 13th, 2015 @ 2:00PM (9 years ago)

You are a true basket case. Nobody cares about how badly the public is acting on video! The tax paying public expects you to DEAL WITH IT!!! They don't want you to hear you whine about how mistreated you are doing the job you voluntarily signed up for. Your whole "Mom, look what he's doing!" mentality is a very immature way of thinking.


May 16th, 2015 @ 3:10PM (9 years ago)

I have worked in the west end for over 13 years and have never seen or heard a white officer call a black person ****** to his face. However, I have started kicking unautherized bands of black juveniles out of our city headquarters gym and have been complained upon for calling them ****** 3 times for the same group. Its funny how a certain group feels an ownership of a secure facility when they have zero authorization to even be in that building. When PSU gets these complaints they know they are B.S. because they don't say what the officer said, or how to use the word in a sentence to use it in a hateful fashion. They just think they can say the officer said the word and he will be fired. These are the types of complaints PSU needs to attack with a vengance and place false swearing charges on them.