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Family attacked during 2014 mob violence sues LMPD, previously accused teens


RE: Family attacked during 2014 mob violence sues LMPD, previously...

March 26th, 2015 @ 12:22PM (8 years ago)

Jealous. You seem keep coming back. Did I hit a sore spot with you? So you are one of the educated idiots LMPD hired to work for them. Guess you couldn't take your education and get a good paying job in this city. Your a punk hiding behind a badge and a keyboard. The only place you will end up is fired or in a lawsuit. I met your kind while on the dept, took them a few years to figure they did not know as much they thought if they lasted that long . So super cop you keep on patting yourself on the back and telling yourself how great you are every time you put the uniform on because most other officers know how stupid you really are. Get over yourself your nothing but a code number and name to the dept. I figure you have less than 5 years on and are trying to get promoted. Good luck your going to need it. By the way I made it for 30 years with a clean slate come back we will talk when you get there, Junior.