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Louisville football player arrested, charged with assault of a police officer


RE: Louisville football player arrested, charged with assault...

January 15th, 2015 @ 5:10PM (9 years ago)

The 30 yrs my friend were at LMPD. I had to work side by side with some of you newbies who thought you knew more than everyone else. I spent a lot of time keeping a lot of officers out of the doghouse and a out of jail. I don't know who you are but my assumption is you will end up in trouble with your know it all attitude. I assumed your satire as you call it was running another agency into the ground. Look me up when you retire we will compare disciplinary files to see who's the thickest. Mine is empty so I figure I will win. Most of us old timers as you youngsters call us think of you as loose cannons who think you know it all when it comes to being a police officer. You really don't know jack sh×t.