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Louisville football player arrested, charged with assault of a police officer


RE: Louisville football player arrested, charged with assault...

January 14th, 2015 @ 10:38AM (9 years ago)

I really think your full of sh#t. If it were the police who robbed him everyone of the witnesses would have jumped in front of the camera to condemn them. I am sorry for people like you that are so far to the left you can't see. If you hate the police so bad why don"t you find another site to troll on and spew your vile with your buddies besides here. People like you make me sick with your assumptions, but are the first to call the police when you get your a## in a wringer. I read the article and it says crooks prey on these people all the time in this city in this fashion. Don't go away mad fool just go away. Nobody on here cares about you opinion. Period.