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Complaint filed against LMPD officers involved in troubled boy's summer camp


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November 15th, 2014 @ 6:55AM (10 years ago)

I agree, but remember, the Chief doesn't decide which cases are settled and which are not. Metro Gov decides that and it's all about the cheaper way out.

This lawsuit is what is wrong with America. Sounds like the parents of the kid suing wrote his statements for him. No fourteen year old boy with behavioral problems already, which is why he was at the camp, is hiding under his bed and afraid he will be killed by the police. That's even over the top for you, T. Clay. Almost laughable....

....never mind, it is laughable.


November 15th, 2014 @ 12:14PM (10 years ago)

30-year-old Erica Buckner and 24-year-old Alexis Keen, graduate students at the University of Louisville are pictured above and they are far from welfare mothers! They filed the lawsuit with complaints that children in the program were being abused. These two women say that in 2013, Officer Clayton Reeves physically and mentally abused several of the at-risk children. Officer Antoine Frye has also been named in the lawsuit. After reporting the child abuse to supervisors in the program, as well as to Child Protective Services, Buckner and Keen say that they suffered pay cuts and pay loss as retaliation.

The Police officers that are assigned to the Gentleman’s Program are only to provide security as well as physical training. Buckner and Keen maintain that the officers went too far and tried to fashion the program as a boot camp that resulted in mental and physical abuse.

“The mindset was that some scholars needed to be cursed and roughed up,” said Buckner. “The officers just had this notion that this is the way we handle people on the street and this is the way we are going to do it in the academy.” These children are in a mental health program and children that attended are being treated for mental health therapy and behavioral diagnosis.

Buckner, a doctoral student in clinical psychology, claims that officers cursed at the children as well as tackling and punching some participants. She also says that one was slammed into a wall then denied food and water. On the program’s opening day, the graduate students say, the officers woke the at-risk youths at 3:00 a.m. then forced them to run up and down stairs do push-ups to the point of pain.

Attorney Thomas Clay says that his clients were punished by the program’s supervisors for trying to do what was right.

“They filed this suit because Gentleman’s Academy was supposed to be a positive experience for these young scholars,” said Clay.

RE: Complaint filed against LMPD officers involved in troubled...

November 15th, 2014 @ 12:42PM (10 years ago)

For every welfarian westender looking for a handout there is some glue face lice head standing next to them waiting to get their cut out of the government pie. They will help them with the paper work so they can cash $$$ in 2. Gotta make that east end house payment somehow! The free phone booths I saw all summer, most were staffed by (guess who?) And I thought these people were afraid to come to the west end...guess not. The government handouts sure do trickle down....

RE: Complaint filed against LMPD officers involved in troubled...

November 16th, 2014 @ 5:56PM (10 years ago)

Oh I'm sorry I miss took those 2 upstanding citizens next to clay as welfare mama's. No they are upstanding citizens who are looking for a free check from the city or they wouldn't be there. The police have no business involved in a summer camp for youth gone wrong. Or as I perceive it a bunch of thugs who's parent have had all they can handle so let's dump them on somebody else to raise. You spurted them out and I'm sorry to say it is your responsibility to raise them not the police, gov't or anybody else. If you had taught the kids better at home we wouldn't be here discussing this issue. If I pissed on your feet GOOD you now know how the majority in this country feel about your situation you created. Racist you call me for speaking truth I really along with 90% of the population don't really care. Clean your act up find time for the kids you have instead grandma raising them and we won't be hereARIJBLF in this discussion.