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UofL worker shot in robbery near NuLu


RE: UofL worker shot in robbery near NuLu

August 8th, 2014 @ 10:50PM (10 years ago)

A lot of people who would never think about ever becoming a police officer have their hands in the cookie jar. These people are lawyers, professors, judges, council people, clergy, student advocates, community leaders, and the list can go on and on....They have a warped and often misled sense of what the role of a police officer should be. They make policy for you to follow not based on crime fighting, but based on a "social contract" the police should have with the community. Many of these people are highly intelligent and respected among their peers, but many have lived a very sheltered life. They don't understand there are people who are really evil and opportunists. Whenever a new policy or procedure is implemented (ie, 10-11's) you can rest assured it was founded by someone with clout and that someone is trying to reinvent the wheel as to how police operate. LMPD needs to go back to the basics and cut out the unnecessary BS...