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12 hr shifts or 8 hr shifts ???

May 12th, 2014 @ 5:59PM (10 years ago)
Posted by: booger

I've been told that the dept is going to try a 12hr shift and see how it works out. And if it don't work everyone is going to 8hr shift....bad move I think. The 8hr day would break moral big time 6 on and 2 off really. The 12hr day would be better but 10 hr days are much better on personnel and families (off time)is great. All because the dept don't know what to do on personnel They might try letting us police and back us that might stop some of the non sense. I have study after study on the 8,10,12hr work schedules. 10hr shifts work better that any of them as long as all three shifts are working them. Be safe brothers and sisters