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Mayor writes letter to citizens addressing downtown safety

Waterfront OT

April 10th, 2014 @ 1:22AM (10 years ago)

Wasn't there some type of recent departmental decree that there was no over time to be had, departmental wide, for anything? I heard the tech unit was talked to, divisional flex platoons were told and even metro narcotics was told there was no overtime. The metro guys on the OCDETF federal task forces still get their guaranteed $16,500.00 extra a year of course. But in light of all the violent youth in the waterfront area, the department is now cr@pping overtime money that we were told, until recently, did not exist? I have heard upwards of $8,000.00 a day for the Waterfront Park overtime details was just "recently" found to address this youth violence problem. I could had sworn the word from upon high (puzzle palace) was there was no overtime to be had, departmental wide. Now this hugh windfall, recenlty found I assume, can be spent on correcting the waterfront issue. Some one described it best in another post, smoke and mirrors folks. WTF?